The Big Picture : how we are all related

Our family tree starts somewhere early in the 17th century. Presumably Evert was the first “official” Van Vledder. Most likely he moved from Vledder to Amsterdam and got four sons. From there the tree started to grow although many branches of the tree have died out over the years. We all share the same ancestors until the 5th generation. From there we branch out. Although small in numbers, we are truly international, thanks to Philippus Jacobus who moved to Australia in 1887 and Johannes Hendrikus who moved to South Africa in 1897. In red you see the paternal line. See where you are and how we are all related.

Take a deep dive

Lots of information has been remained preserved or digitalised recently.
Discover birth and death records, passenger lists, travel logs, police reports and so on....

The first 200 years

Our tree definitely had its ups and downs. And for 2 generations in the 1700s, there was only 1 male Van Vledder to pass on our unique name…  

Philip goes down under

In 1887 Philip set sail for Australia to start a new life. His three marriages and 7 children were the start of a new vibrant part of the van Vledder tree

The low countries

With the roots in the Netherlands, the majority of the van Vledders still live here. But with only 2 boys born this century, question is if it stays that way 

South Africa, promised land

The history of the van Vledders in South Africa starts October 13 1897 when Jan set foot ashore in Kaapstad. His brother Max follows 17 years later.