The Land Down Under

In 1887, Phillipus Jacobus (Philip James) van Vledder took inspiration from the explorations and trips across the oceans by the Dutch East India company and started a new life in Australia at the age of 27. Thanks to his granddaughter Monica, who celebrated her 100th birthday in December, we know that Philip was a merchant seamen, who left his ship in Singapore to make his way to Australia. The ship arrived in Melbourne and Philip settled nearby in Geelong where still many of the Australian Van Vledders live. 

Despite the 3 marriages and 9 children (of which two stillborns) of Philip the Australian branch could have been shortlived. Two sons were born and thanks to Bramwell, who was only 3 when his mother died, the Australian part of the tree really started to grow. Philip left us some great pictures and lots of information like passenger lists, gravestones and newspaper articles have been digitized in recent years. The ancestral chart seems to be 95% complete and accurate but, as an example, we don’t know much about Janet  So any information that will help to complete the picture is more than welcome.  You can see what we have so far by downloading part 3 of the Van Vledder genealogy here