Van Vledders around the world

It seems to be in our genes and going from one generation to the next. Whether it is Evert, the first Van Vledder, or the current generation, we love to travel and explore the world. Evert moved from Vledder to Amsterdam, Philip from the Netherlands to Australia, Jan from the Netherlands to South Africa and his brother Max first to the United States and then also to South Africa. More recently, Van Vledders have moved to New Zealand, the UK and Sweden. With the interactive Google map below, you can explore where all the Van Vledders have their home.  

The map to the right shows where all the Van Vledders live. You can simple navigate within the window or, even beter, click on the [  ] symbol in the top right corner or click here

This will bring you to a full screen interactive map where you can also see the full list of all the Van Vledders on the map. This list and therefore the map is not complete yet. If you miss someone and know where he/she lives, please send me a message and I will add him/her to the list