Welcome to the world of the Van Vledders


Our Roots

This is where it all began. A tiny village in the northeast of the Netherlands. Vledder in old Dutch means “swampy land”

Our Ancestors

Dive into your history. Discover the different branches of the Van Vledder family tree, read the diary of Jan’s journey to South Africa, explore a wedding ceremony booklet from centuries ago, be startled by a police record and so on….

Our Coat of Arms

Discover the origin of our coat of arms, its meaning and what kind of objects we have with the coat of arms

Where we live

One of the characteristics we share is that we love to travel. Do you know how many Van Vledders there are and where they live? 

Fun Facts

  • What world famous painting can you find in Vledder? 
  • How many Pieters and Peters do we have in the family tree?
  • Are we an endangered species? How many male Van Vledders were born this century so far?