The first 200 years

The first 200 years has been a bumpy ride for our family tree. Life was not easy, health conditions were poor and many children died at young age. Therefore the tree struggled to grow and survive. Out of 4 branches at the start, only 1 survived. And also that was a close call, since throughout the 18th century there was only 1 male Van Vledder in the blood line to keep us going….

It is a strange idea that our forefather Evert, who moved from Vledder to Amsterdam, might have had a couple of beers with Rembrandt who lived also in Amsterdam at that time. Unfortunately there aren’t any pictures of video’s of that period but it is amazing how much is digitalized: birth registrations, wedding announcements, death registrations, newspapers etcetera.
The picture above shows the broad overview of the first 200 years. But if you would like to get more detail, you can download part 1 of the Van Vledder genealogy here

Pieter van Vledder 1703 - 1779

To the left is a painting of Pieter van Vledder. Most likely he is the one that designed our coat of arms.

To the right is a page of the wedding ceremony of Jacob and Margareta in 1724. You can download the full booklet here